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WOOL Outer 6" Natural Rubber Latex Crib Toddler Mattress
WOOL Outer 6" Natural Rubber Latex Crib Toddler Mattress

Retail Price: $575.00
Our Price: $465.00



Ecobaby 100% Metal Free 6" Natural Rubber Crib Mattress with Certified Organic Wool Outer:

How is This 6" Certified Organic Wool Outer Crib/Toddler Mattress Better?

This Ecobaby 6 inch natural latex rubber crib toddler mattress has a 6" Extra Firm natural latex core that is then covered with untreated organic wool for moisture protection. No cotton to get accidentally wet on. Cotton free for all natural bacteria and dust mite resistance.

Amazing 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty (5 year fixed, 5 year pro-rated)!

NO CHARGE to ship in the lower 48 states.

Size can have a variance of 1/2" in length or width.

approx. 28 x 52

Made in USA

Extra Firm


Purity at Heart:

To ensure purity, the natural latex is tested to 100 parts per billion for various VOCs/chemicals including Toluene and Benzene and the wool is tested to 1 part per million for various heavy metals including Mercury and Cadmium. Know of anyone else who can say this? Choose this Ecobaby organic natural latex-Stokke junior mattress if you do NOT want Polyester Fabrics, Chemical Fire Retardants, Formaldehyde, Phenols, Chlorine, Scrim, Pesticides, Boric Acid, Mercury, Arsenic, Antimony, Lead, Synthetic Wool Processing Agents, and dimethyl sulfate (silica) in your child's mattress.

Protect Your Investment:

It is HIGHLY recommended that you use our super absorbant organic crib deluxe cotton pad to help protect from moisture. This deluxe cotton pad is the only organic cotton pad I am aware of that is fully needle punched which keeps the organic cotton filling from bunching into a ball when washed like all the other organic pads I find out there do. Using our crib untreated wool moisture padunder the cotton pad, followed by our pure organic fitted sheet keeps everything in place nicely. This method offers the best protection.

Did You Know?

By the way, unlike what is reported at the end of this newscast, THERE IS a manufacturer (the manufacturer of this mattress), who have the materials from which their mattresses are made 3rd party tested for various VOCs/chemicals. The Ecobaby USA and PureRest mattresses sold in our store meet and/or exceed the fire retardancy law WITHOUT adding chemicals after testing, and WITHOUT a prescription by using their organic, 3rd party tested organically processed wool.

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