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7" Harmony Full Natural Latex Customizable Mattress
7" Harmony Full Natural Latex Customizable Mattress


Retail Price: $1,819.00
Our Price: $1,699.00

Top Layer*:

Bottom Layer*:

Full Zip Customizable Pure-Rest Harmony natural rubber mattress with two 3 inch cores:

Features two 3 inch cores. Fully customizable and interchangeable layers of natural rubber, which is then surrounded by organic cotton fabric layer with organically processed wool (the process is certified by Oregon Tilth), from organically raised sheep quilted to elegant, deluxe organic cotton damask Pure-Rest European organic cotton outer. This ensures the wool will not migrate out over the years.

To ensure purity, the natural latex is tested to 100 parts per billion for various VOCs/chemicals including Toluene and Benzene and the wool is tested to 1 part per million for various heavy metals including Mercury and Cadmium.

Quilting prevents shifting and provides a sturdy, durable, and comfortable sleeping surface. This extra amount of wool make the top more comfortable and they easily conform to your body’s shape to minimize pressure on your joints and back.

This is natures perfect substitute for chemically laden foam.

You can add one of our 100% organic, 100% organic
eco-wool or rubber toppers for even more added comfort and softness.

Customize your support and your firmness. bottom 6” of any type of mattress is your support, the top 3" is for your comfort. We recommend XS topper (for those who like a soft feel), combined with Firm and XFirm for a great feel. Heavier persons and those who prefer a firmer feel may like a super firm layer in place of either firm or Xfirm. can change around the layers to alter your comfort. On our queen and larger, the 2 sides can be split to allow more flexibility in changing the cores' positioning. It is recommended that the top layer be a complete solid layer to prevent feeling the slight split.

By the way, unlike what is reported at the end of this newscast, THERE IS a manufacturer (the manufacturer of this mattress), who have the materials from which their mattresses are made 3rd party tested for various VOCs/chemicals. the mattresses sold in our store meet and/or exceed the fire retardancy law WITHOUT adding chemicals after testing, and WITHOUT a prescription by using their organic, 3rd party tested organically processed wool.

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