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The Best Organic Mattress Pads: Waterproof, Cotton and More

Are you looking for the best mattress pad available on today’s market? Then we encourage you to choose an organic mattress pad from The Natural Organic Baby! We don’t just provide for infants and toddlers; we’ve since expanded to meet the health and safety needs of anyone looking for an organic cotton mattress pad, a waterproof mattress pad, or other varieties in any size. Ranging from Twin to California King, these natural mattress pads are made from nothing but the finest materials. From untreated wool to organic cotton, you’ll be able to find the best mattress pad for your own specific needs right here.

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When most people hear “waterproof mattress pad” they think of uncomfortable rubber or an equally bulky material, so you’ll be delighted to know that ours are made from a luxurious blend of cotton and flannel, and the ultra-thin but powerful waterproof membrane is in the center. You won’t even know that this mattress pad is waterproof – but you’ll notice the difference!

If a waterproof mattress pad isn’t your priority, try a cozy organic cotton mattress pad or an untreated wool mattress pad. Both are safe alternatives to synthetic varieties and still maintain absorptive qualities for temperature and moisture control. You can even throw our organic cotton mattress pads straight into the washing machine and dryer with your sheets!

So treat yourself to an organic mattress pad today, because you deserve the best possible sleep you can get. Order now and receive free shipping on purchases of $150 or more!