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Our Site Serves 2 Purposes:

To pass on all the great information on how to keep your baby organically healthy and...

Provide you with outstanding, 100% chemical free, quality products that are made with the utmost attention to detail.

Please take the time to Learn....for your baby's sake:

Please feel free to scour my site and learn why going organic for your baby is so vitally Important to health. Even if you already know why keeping your little one an organic natural baby is important, I still want to make sure that you are aware of the fact that anything can be labeled 'certified organic' as long as 95% of it is. The remaining 5% can be any number of chemicals! Did you know that just because a company calls their product "organic" doesn't mean it truly is clean and free from toxic chemicals?

And by the way, unlike so many organics you find out there... none of our products are made in China.
Our dear friend lost her little girl to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) at 9 months old which in turn became my Mom's and my "wake-up call" to organic bedding, organic baby mattresses and natural baby clothing. I started researching into the causes of SIDS and then realized that even though I would Never have put an innocent little baby down on a potentially dangerous surface or dress her in harsh clothing...
I had...without even knowing it.

Our #1 goal is to pass on all the info we have learned concerning the world of toxins and the relationship they have with your baby (and on YOU for that matter). European research results indicate organic baby mattresses may mean the difference between life and death. Your baby's delicate skin should be touched by only natural organic of skin irritating chemicals, Naturally. Keeping your baby a natural baby is important.