Looking for a chemical-free mattress in a world riddled with chemicals? At The Natural Organic Baby, we have a singular purpose: we aim to research, discover and supply organic baby bedding made from only the purest materials, designed to support your child or infant’s overall health and well-being. The best baby mattress is the kind that provides unparalleled purity of ingredients while offering the high level of comfort your child deserves. That’s why we select brands and models whose products are third-party tested for various chemicals to confirm the mattress’s safety. If we don’t believe 100% in the safety of the mattress, we don’t stock it! That’s how firmly passionate we are about infant and child health, and why we’re proud to consider ourselves the only natural mattress store you’ll need as your precious child grows up.

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We carry everything you’ll require to keep your infant and child happy and healthy during their critical sleeping periods. This includes countless sizes of natural infant mattresses and organic baby bedding, toddler mattresses, all the way up to adult mattress sizes ranging from Twin to California King – and the organic bedding that you can pair with it. On that note, your baby isn’t the only one who deserves a good night’s sleep on a healthy, natural mattress! Browse through our full line of adult-sized mattresses, like our organic queen mattresses, and treat yourself to the well-being that comes from sleeping on the most chemical-free mattress available.

We also offer a full line of mattress protector pads, mattress pads, toppers, sheets, blankets, comforters, duvet covers, pillows, and shams – all organic, and all of which have been carefully vetted and researched before we decided to stock it. We can even provide custom-sized mattresses, which is extremely difficult to find in organic varieties!

So if you’re looking for the best organic mattress for your little one, you can rest assured you’ll find one here. We are passionate about child health and safety, and are constantly perusing the latest research on innovative processes and materials that will keep harmful chemicals out of the mattress. You wouldn’t feed your child anything but the best food, so don’t let them sleep on anything but the best baby mattresses (and don’t forget: tired parents can take care of themselves, too)! Order today for free shipping on any purchase of $150 or more!