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Crib Deluxe Absorbant Cotton Pad Organic

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Price $90.00

100% Organic Deluxe Cotton Crib Mattress Pad:

Our Ecobaby Deluxe 100% Organic Cotton Mattress Pad with 100% organic cotton batting inside, goes great on top of our crib size wool moisture pad to absorb and protect your mattress investment.

Our New Deluxe cotton pad has 50% more cotton for even more absorbancy!

Machine wash Cool and Low dry so you can throw in laundry along with the sheets.

NOTE: These are sized to allow for proper shrinkage if washing/drying instructions are followed. Everyone's water heater/dryer settings are different so always start out cool & low heat. You can always up the temp if you need to shrink some more.

No straps or sides to fiddle with.

Use white distilled vinegar for added absorbency and softness.

approx. 28 x 52 after washing


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