The Natural Organic Baby Reviews

We pride ourselves on Personal Customer Care and love that we have so many loyal returning customers. Thank you to each and every one of you. It's been a treat to actually have some of you call me just to say "Thank You" and to tell me you noticed new STUFF. This isn't just a business to me...I'm very passionate about saving our babies. Thank YOU and may God Bless~ ps. That's MY Mom and me "30 something" years ago. Isn't she Beautiful!

~ I just started on google and kept on going trough all the web sites that claimed to have 'organic mattress'. Finding you I guess was very ramdom. But I am very glad I did, not only are your products truly organic but you also have the best price and you ship to Canada. Do you know how hard it currently is to find anything "green" in Canada? And when I do find the product I want in the United States, they don't ship to Canada. So thank you for helping me give my first child the best start possible. You really do care about the wellbeing of others and their babies. Jennifer Toronto Canada

~ We are very pleased with the gift item we ordered from your website. The baby's parents have assured us that the gift was very well constructed and that they loved the softness of the outfit. They are also happy to now have first-hand information about the importance and ever increasing need for organic items for babies. The gift was shipped very expediently and I appreciated the follow-up on the item. Kudos to you for bringing quality organic items to the parents of these little bundles of joy! I'll be back! Steve and Judy C. Sequim Wa.

~ Do you know how nice it was to call on Saturday and acutally get hold of a live human being? No other company I tried to contact was available on the weekend or they didn't know anything when I did get hold of them. Nice job Carolyn B. San Bernardino Ca.

~ You took my call on a Saturday night after hours even when you could hardly talk with a sore throat. Now that's dedication. Paul Gemaro, Houston Tx.

~ You're the TOPS in the personal touch department. Just received your birthday gift for my son! Unbelievable!! Thanks. Thanks So much Beverly Ontario Canada

~Christi, I recently gave birth to my first child and owe you a huge THANK YOU for all your help. My husband and I decided to provide our daughter with a green environment, but were overwhelmed with all the information out there. We are extremely lucky to have stumbled upon The Natural Organic Baby. Not only do you offer a great selection of high quality products, but your prices are the best out there. To top it all off, I received EXCELLENT customer service. I asked so many questions, yet your responses were always prompt and courteous. I feel like I could see you smiling while typing your many responses to me. Thank you for caring so much about people you don't even know and for being so passionate about such an important cause. I will definitely shop with you again and you can be sure I'll tell all my friends and family about The Natural Organic Baby. I've included a link to some photos of my daughter just so you can see who you are helping. Very truly yours, Lisa US Embassy Bangkok

~Hi Christi, Thanks so much for the phone call the other day. I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier, but after bringing home two premature babies a few months ago, I feel like I'm just now starting to hold my head above water and actually getting things done. I am so happy to have found your website. I've tried to buy organic products already, but it's so refreshing to find an actual person running something, and even better that you're as passionate as you are. I just wanted to write to say thanks so much for checking back with me, and I look forward to ordering some of the products we discussed as soon as we are able to. Thanks for all your help! Sara Fayetteville NC

~Thanks, Christi, for all the discounts! I really appreciate your excellent customer service. And, when my mom said she wanted a crib for my daughter to sleep in at her house, I knew there was only one crib mattress that was going to go in it. Thank you for making it even more affordable. Deepa D. NC

~Christi, I was happily surprised to see a tracking number for me so soon after we spoke... thank you for working so quickly on this shipment for me!! It was nice to speak with you as well, and I simply hope this weekend is relaxing and refreshing for you. I know I've said this before, but I so appreciate that you have started this business and the products you are offering... and I also wish you all the best on your new line you have coming out. May God bless you richly!!! Trina Lancaster OH

~Christi, Thank you for the personal attention, great prices and excellent customer service you provide at The Natural Organic Baby. Shopping at your online store was fun and hassle-free. And when I needed to speak to a live person, you were there. Every time. Amazing! That kind of service is virtually impossible to find these days. I am recommending your website to everyone I know. Stay passionate about helping our babies and us live healthier lives! Sincerely, Michelle G. Albany, NY

~ We just got our organic wool comforter for our 21 month old and he loves it. Perfect weight, well made and great for our climate year-round. I highly recommend it. The customer service was also stellar. Friendly and professional-all too rare these days. D. Zampel/Santa Barbara, CA.