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The materials that our Ecobaby USA Organic products are made from are 3rd party tested

with the test results to prove it.

100's of quality organic baby products for your little one :)

By purchasing an organic mattress or a natural latex mattress shows me you are a caring Mom or Dad. You should be praised for the extra care you are taking in minimizing the amount of chemicals your baby is exposed to.

I'm sure your head is spinning from all the hunting you've had to do just to get to the "truth" of organics. Well, I have good news for you. Your extra time and care has now paid off!

An adult organic mattress or an organic crib mattress is Not organic just because it is promoted that way. Do you know what's in most so called "organic" mattresses?

Care must be taken when buying a natural latex mattress. Lots of sites claim to have a talalay chemical free natural latex mattress when in fact so many contain petroleum! Our manufacturer only uses the best latex mattress manufacturing process by using the dunlop method (which does NOT require the use of petroleum). To ensure purity, the natural latex is tested to 100 parts per billion for various VOCs/chemicals including Toluene and Benzene and the wool is tested to 1 part per million for various heavy metals including Mercury and Cadmium.

While scouring the internet, you will see the play on words that some sites use to suck the unsuspecting customer in. Such as 'based on'. Well, based on, simply means its a core part of it. But what else is in that adult natural or organic adult mattress or crib mattress?

We carry hundreds of beautiful, truly organic products including 100% organic cotton sheets for your baby's bedroom And yours.  All the materials (except for innerspring mattress coils), of our Ecobaby/PureRest products have been 3rd party tested, and without the 'tricks' of only testing to high levels. 

Did you know that the "few" manufacturers that do test their products can choose what levels of toxins they are testing for in order to get a clean bill of health?!  Our manufacturer not only tests for VOCs, but also tests for antinomy and arsenic!

Know of anyone else who can say that?

By the way....that's ME above..."30 something" years ago!!

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Is your organic mattress truly organic?